Garage Renovation Lenzie

Concrete Garage After

This garage was given a completely new lease of life.

ROOF: We removed the existing ASBESTOS CEMENT roof and replaced this with a new insulated roof helping to minimise the effect of condensation during the winter. Complete with new LOW MAINTENANCE plasticoated fascias and gutter.

WALLS: We removed all the existing roughcast and re-roughcast the entire garage.

WINDOW AND DOOR: a new LOW MAINTENANCE uPVC window was fitted and the existing door was serviced.

Classic Tiled Roof Garage

Concrete Garage

This Garage was built recently for a customer in Ballochmyle.

BASE:- The base is a steel reinforced concrete base with a built in damp proof membrane. The base was carefully built to exactly the right size for the new garage helping to ensure a watertight junction between the walls and the base.

WALLS:- The walls are built using our precast concrete panel system manufactured with exactly the same finish as was used on the house walls.

ROOF:- This is tiled using the same “Redland” roof tiles used on the house and white uPVC fascia to match the house. The front and rear gables are finished in Golden Oak uPVC weatherboarding to match the windows on the house. Even the gutters and downpipes exactly match the ones on the house

DOOR:- The main door is an electrically operated high security sectional door finished in Golden Oak to match the doors of the house. The personal door is a uPVC door to match the house.

DRIVEWAY:- We extended the driveway to match the existing and built in a linear drain connected to the existing system

If you feel you need a carefully designed garage to match your house without the cost and delays that go with getting one traditionally built please contact us.

Convert two door garage to one large door


On his job our customer found that the two doors on his garage were too narrow for his car. The solution was as follows:

This job needed a building warrant so we got our structural engineer to produce a design and obtain the necessary building warrant approval from the local authority.

The original doors were removed and the roof and door beams were carefully propped inside the garage all as detailed by the structural engineer.

We were then able to remove the middle column following this we removed the beams and brickwork above the doors. The floor was then reinstated.

The opening was prepared and the new galvanized steel structural beam (from Birtley Beams) was carefully installed and built in place.

Once the beam was ready we rebuilt the facing brickwork above the beam and reinstated the roof soffit.

Approximately a week after fitting the beam we then very carefully removed the roof props

This allowed us to supply and fit the new door. This is a white Hormann electrically operated Georgian style door with vision windows. The door is 16’0” wide by 7’0” high and gives ample room for two cars to park inside the garage.

After completion of the work we obtained a completion certificate for the work from he local authority.

Garage Base Time Lapse

This project is a new garage in Giffnock. The site slopes quite a bit from front to back so rather than lay a concrete base slab we have built brickwork retaining walls around the perimeter on concrete strip foundations at a depth of about 60cm (2’0”) below ground level. The walls have been backfilled with compacted type 1 hardcore and we have laid out the damp-proof membrane. We have also laid out polythene to protect the driveway.

We carefully lay in place the steel mesh reinforcement.

The base is almost ready for the concrete to arrive and we are busy now laying out timbers around the top of the base to make sure the concrete level is about 2.5cm (1”) above the level of the brick perimeter. This, along with the fact that the brickwork is built to the exact size of the garage, minimizes the possibility of water entry at floor level.

A screed board is cut and laid out ready for the concrete to arrive.

Whilst we are waiting for the concrete to arrive we can get on with working on the new fence. There is never an idle moment!

The concrete arrives and on this job it is brought down the driveway in a small dumper as the driveway is quite long. As you can see the driveway is well protected with polythene and boards. The concrete goes in and is leveled out and compacted with the screed board. The concrete we used on this job is a high strength 35newton mix with a special additive to give long term protection against frost.

The concrete delivery driver gets his delivery note signed.

We can now form the small sloping concrete ramp down to the driveway and start to polish the concrete finish around the perimeter of the base. Also time for a short break for lunch.

Accessing the base using a plank across the width we can now polish the middle part of the base.

Whilst one of the men finishes polishing the base the others are removing the protection from the driveway and finishing off the small sloping ramp at the front of the garage.

The base is now complete, however there may be cold weather or rain to come overnight so we need to protect the base. Here we put timbers around the perimeter followed by Heras fence panels, polythene, insulation, more polythene and weigh it all down with planks and blocks. By tomorrow the base will have set and cured to the point where we can remove the covers. The base will be ready for us to build the new garage after about a week.