Concrete Garages

Concrete Garages

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What Are Concrete Garages?

D Welsh Builders have been designing, manufacturing and building concrete garages for many decades. These are garages made from concrete wall panels. We manufacture these panels at our factory near Beith, Ayrshire. The panels are made by pouring wet concrete into specially designed and constructed steel moulds. The concrete is then vibrated thoroughly to allow a high level of compaction, then onto the surface we apply natural stone roughcast chippings or coloured render with roughcast chippings. These are carefully tamped down into place, the panel is then left to mature in its steel mould for approximately four days.

Cost Effective

When the concrete wall panels are removed from their moulds they are left for another seven days to mature. They are then ready to assemble creating a garage or garden building to your required size and wall finish. These wall panels are tongued and grooved which allows them to fit together with a good watertight seal. This results in a building that structurally and visually can more than equal traditional brick and roughcast structures. From a cost point of view they are substantially less expensive than traditional structures.

Flexible Design

The design of these buildings are flexible and we have constructed them in modern contemporary situations, conservation areas and in associated with listed buildings. We can also adapt the design and structure to suit a variety of industrial and commercial uses. They are designed to suit all-weather situations and are ideal in exposed coastal areas.

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