Garage doors too small

BEFORE Two 7’ Wide Doors

Are your garage doors too small for your car?

With winter on it’s way maybe you would like to get your car into the garage? We may have the answer,  convert your two narrow doors into one big sectional door.

• We include all structural alterations
• Local authority approvals if needed

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Up and Over Door Maintenance

Up and Over Door Maintenance

Most people take garage doors for granted, but maintaining your garage door to the right specification will keep your garage door young and fit. The most common type of doors are Canopy and retractable up and over doors. Canopy doors have a slight overhang at the front of the garage ie if you are standing at the front of the garage in the rain you won’t get wet. Retractable doors are designed to go fully inside of the garage when open. These are excellent when automated.

General Maintenance

All garage doors need some tender loving care at least once a year a bit like us. Firstly, visually inspect the general condition of the door, all components, and safety devices for completeness, proper condition and effectiveness. Then check that all the fixing points are tight. Tighten the screws if necessary. The mechanism of the door also needs some care. All the pivot points of the garage door need lubricated with a standard penetrating or lube oil. Do not use grease! On canopy doors you should inspect the cables for wear and tear.


The steel surfaces of the garage door needs cleaned with soapy water and a soft sponge at least every 6 months unless you live in a coastal area then this should be every month. If the door is more heavily soiled please use a mild, acrylic-compatible plastics cleaner. Your door also needs protection from caustic and aggressive substances for example nitrous reactions from stones or mortar, acids, de -icing salts and aggressive paints or sealants.

Our Maintenance Service

In fact, why not save yourself all this hassle and get in touch with D Welsh Builders about maintaining your garage door on a yearly basis! Our expert Door Fitters are experienced in giving your door the specialist tender loving care it requires!